Summer Reading Book Revews


The  UltraMind Solution , by Mark Hyman, M. D.

This book is a wealth of knowledge and a huge eye-opener when looking at the “SAD” or Standard American Diet.  Dr. Hyman teaches you about the importance of eating whole, organic, non-processed food as medicine for the body and mind.  He also discusses the mind/body connection and how gut health is more important than you think.  There are several quizzes in the book so you can see where your body is deficient and supplement according to achieve optimal health.  After implementing his plan, I myself lost 25 pounds and feel great!  I highly recommend this book!

Amanda Mate


 White Queen, by Philippa Gregory

This was a fantastic take on the women of the Cousins War and one of the great mysteries of that era: the missing princes of York.  With the author’s unique storytelling, you feel immersed in the 14th Century and get an incredible view into the lives of women and the men who own them.

Jen Vaihinger


The White Princess, also by Philippa Gregory

While not as interesting as the White Queen  this is a beautifully- written peek into the women of York.  Her theory of the Tudor curse is quite interesting as well as the struggles of the main character.

Jen Vaihinger