July 9, 2012 Trustee Meeting Minutes

Epsom Public Library

Trustees’ Meeting

July 9, 2012

 Attendees:  Robert Paine, Dianne Bird, Leigh English, Nancy Claris

Absent:  Carole Brown

 1.      Treasurer’s Report – The Treasurer’s Report for period endingJune 30, 2012 was reviewed.  A motion by D. Bird to accept the report as presented, seconded by R. Paine, passed unanimously. 

 2.      Secretary’s Report – The minutes from June 12, 2012 were reviewed.  A motion by R. Paine to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by L. English, passed unanimously.  The minutes from June 26, 2012 were reviewed.  The following changes were noted:  1) Minutes should be marked as Draft.  2) Date should be changed from 6/7/12 to 6/26/12.  3) Last sentence in first paragraph should be changed to: “It is 5 days” thus removing “thought to be.”  4) Last sentence in fifth paragraph should be changed to:  “It is the Treasurer, and the Secretary as backup to prepare the Agenda.”  5) First sentence in seventh paragraph should end after the word “Library” thus removing “who was accompanied by a caregiver.”  6) Wherever “…” appears, it should be replaced with the appropriate punctuation.  A motion by D. Bird to accept the minutes as amended, seconded by R. Paine, passed unanimously.

 Old Business

 3.      Parking Lot at Library Annex – The Selectmen continue to deal with library neighbor who wants to use parking lot for their business.  It was requested that Library Trustees attend Selectmen’s meeting when subject is on the agenda.

 4.      Library Director’s Report –Nancy reported the following:

a.      The wrong circuit breakers had been installed when library was built and could not handle the extra load required when the air conditioning was running.  The electrician made the necessary changes and all seems to be working adequately.

b.      The front door continues to be a problem and was not locking correctly again.  Repairs were made, but there is concern that problem will recur.

c.      The Kindle donated by the Friends will be ready for loaning soon.  Procedures need to be developed.

d.      The summer reading program is doing very well.  There are currently 136 kids and 41 adults signed up.

e.      Painting at the library annex is underway.

 5.      Trustee Responsibilities – The final version of the Trustee Responsibilities was distributed, as well as the By-laws which were updated to include the Responsibilities.

 6.      Technology Consultant – Jim Robinson was hired to provide technology services.

 New Business

 7.      Staff Job Descriptions – Job descriptions were reviewed.  D. Bird will make suggested changes and distribute for final review.

 8.      Lighting at End of Driveway – It was requested thatNancy ask the electrician to provide recommendations on how we could provide lighting at the end of the driveway to make the driveway more visible to patrons heading east.

 The meeting adjourned at7:10 p.m.  Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 14 at5:30 p.m. 

 These minutes are considered DRAFT until approved at the next regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting.

 Respectfully submitted,

Dianne Bird