World War I and World War II Era Items

I checked out the helmets on your site. What you have are 2 model 1915 helmets with grey metal fittings.

The helmet without spike is actually a Prussian enlisted mans’ shako. These were worn by rifle battalions or in German “Jager” which means hunter. There are 3 examples of Jager shakos on my site all of which are the 1915 model. The helmet plate on this shako is actually the Prussian eagle which bears the motto: Mit Got Fur Koenig Und Vaterland. This translates to: “With God for King and Fatherland. There should be a black and white feldzeichen (field badge) located in the slot behind the eagle. On the right hand side post there should be a black white red Imperial cockade. The black and white colours are those of the state of Prussia. The Imperial cockade represents the colours of the German Empire (united Germany).

The second helmet with spike is a Saxon enlisted mans infantry helmet model 1915. The coat of arms on the star burst represent those of the Duke of Saxony. In this case the cockades on the side posts should be white green white over the left ear and again the Imperial cockade over the right. If there are any markings ink stamped on the inside of these helmets let me know as I can ID the Regiments that these helmets came from.

These helmets should not be left to sit on their visors, they should be supported on styofoam heads or some other means. The weight of the helmets will tear the stitching over time. As to the origin of these pieces…I would venture to say that they are Bond Helmets. Both the US and Canadian armies captured thousands of these in warehouses at the end of the war. They were then shipped back and used as War Bond prizes for those individuals who sold the most War Bonds. If the helmets appear to be un issued and without regt markings then this is almost certain to be the case. I hope that this information helps.

Best regards, Brian Loree