Epsom Brass Band, 1892

Epsom Brass Band 1892

Epsom Brass Band 1892

From Newspaper, on back of frame:

Picture of Old Brass Band is Given Epsom

Walter H. Tripp Makes Presentation at Public Library

Epsom Sept. 28, 1938 – Walter H. Tripp, representing the old Epsom Brass Band, presented an enlarged, framed picture of that organization to the town of Epsom at the public library last Saturday afternon. The picture was accepted by George H. Yeaton as chairman of the board of selectmen and George G. Ring, in behalf of the library trustees.

The original band was organized in 1891, largely through the efforts of the late Albert L. Sanders who acted as band leader for many years. There were 23 members, most of whom had no previous musical training. Mr. Sanders spared no efforts to make the band a success; and for many years the group played for Memorial Day programs and other public gatherings in town. On several occasions trips were made to other communities to play at political rallies and fairs. The band once served as escourt to the Suncook Odd Fellows’ canton at a funeral of one of Pembroke’s leading citizens, marching to and from the cemetery playing hymns.

The young men who made up the band were all about 21 years of age when the group was organized and ever since have carried a brotherly feeling towards each other. Band members who spoke at the presentation on Saturday, besides Mr. Tripp were Charles M. Steele and Bert French of Portsmouth. Other surviving members are Andrew M. Steele of Beverly, Mass; Loren D. Sanders of Franklin, Ohio, prominient in city government and a 32nd degree Mason; Bertel R. Foss, now in the poultry business in Concord; Maurice C. Philbrick, now serving his 42nd term as Epsom town clerk; Charles S. Bickford, former Epsom tax collector, now living in Allenstown; William C. Brown of Wells, Beach, Me.; William H. Knowles, Epsom postmaster and former representative; Waldo A. Holmes of Penacook; and George N. Fiske of Manchester, prominent physician, veteran of the World war with rank of colonel in the Medical Corps. These former members contributed toward the picture.

Present at the library program on Saturday afternoon were George H. Yeaton, Almon M. Worth and Frank E. Hurd, selectmen; George G. Ring, Mrs. Flornece L. Yeaton and Mrs. Margery C. Yeaton, library trustees; Miss Hester E. Bickofrd and Mrs Mabel Y. Bartrlett, librarians; also Mr. and Murs. Walter H.Tripp, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice C. Philbrick, Miss Blanche C. Philbrick, Mrs. Melvina Sanders, Mrs. Frank Hurd, Charles M. Steele, Mrs. Flora D. Sullivan, Mrs. Edith F. Dutton of Suncook; Mr. and Mrs. Bert French of Portsmouth; Mrs. Charles Wilson, Quincy, Mass; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Shattuck, Mrs. L. C. Cutting and granddaughter of Portsmouth.