Library History

       In 1891, the New Hampshire Legislature voted to donate 100 books to any town that established a library. Two years later the voters of Epsom accepted the books and appropriated $25 to set up its first library in the Warren Store. Seven years later, construction began on the first library building situated on a donated tract of land. It was dedicated on August 22, 1902.  There were 815 residents of Epsom at that time and the library owned 304 books. The total cost of this facility was $942.26. In recent years, the original building was declared a historical landmark in Epsom, New Hampshire and currently houses the Epsom Historical Society

       In 2007, the Epsom Public Library moved to a new location and building. The collection currently contains over 20,000 items. There are approximately 4,600 residents in town and over 2,000 library patrons. In the last several years, the Library usage has increased dramatically and is expected to rise significantly as the town continues to grow. 

The Library Team


Kaitlin Camidge

 Library Director

Vicki Benner - Youth Services

Madison Bowen - Teen Page

Nancy Claris- Library Clerk

Joyce Heck - Library Clerk

Janet Henry - Library Clerk

Linda Sawyer - Library Clerk


Dianne Bird

Betsy Bosiak

Donna Cadose

Miriam Cahill-Yeaton

Leigh English

Patty Frydman

Barbara Harkness

Sarah Harkness

Nancy Heath

David Heath

Cindy Hibray

Fran Marchand

Anne Moulton

John Moulton

Lucie Weeks

Pat Wilcox

Virginia Drew

Become a Patron - Obtain a Library Card

    To check out materials from the library, you need a library card.  Epsom Library cards are free to Epsom residents.  To obtain your card, contact the library staff via phone  (603)736-9920, email, or use Contact us.

Nonresident fees are as follows:
Family card: $65
Individual card: $40
Senior card: $25
Child card: $15