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       As part of the Epsom Public Library’s goal to meet the cultural, informational and educational needs of the community, we are pleased to offer computer services, including Internet access, to library patrons.  All patrons must read and sign this policy before using the computer.


       The Epsom Public Library, Trustees and staff subscribe to the American Library Association’s “Right to Read” and do not limit the information available to patrons of any age, sex, or racial background.  The library assumes no responsibility for information available through electronic access which patrons may find to be inaccurate, offensive or illegal.  Therefore, parents are responsible for the information their children receive on the Internet.


       It is not the responsibility of the library staff or volunteers to provide detailed instruction to anyone using the computer.  The staff will be happy, to the best of their ability and time, to answer general computer service related questions, and to provide instruction for the various computer programs.


       The staff will begin shutting down the computers ten minutes before the closing time of the library.




  1. The computer is available to registered library patrons in good standing.  All overdue fines must be paid in advance of computer usage.  Users under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian come into the library and countersign an application for unsupervised access.  This form will be kept on file at the library.

  2. Signing the Internet Users Registration Form means that you understand and consent to the rules governing use of the computer and access to the Internet.  Violation of the computer policies will result in the loss of computer privileges for a period of time as determined by the staff and/or the Board of Trustees.

  3. No one age 12 or under will be allowed to use the computer without an adult present.

  4. Users sign in at the circulation desk.  They must show their library card and library stall will verify that the patron has no outstanding fines and has signed an Internet Users Registration Form

  5. Users may reserve the computer in advance.  A limit of one reserved hour per day per user is established to ensure equitable availability.  Unreserved time may be used on a walk-in basis if approved by the library staff.  In the event no one has reserved or is waiting to use the computer when a user’s reserved time is up, the user may continue to use the computer until a request is made.  Users who are late for their reserved time will have that time deducted from their reserve.  Users over 15 minutes late will forfeit their reserved time.

  6. The user agrees to obey all applicable federal, state, and local laws governing copyright restrictions.

  7. No more than two patrons at a time may be at the computer station.

  8. After the first five pages printing costs are 15 cents per page.

  9. Users are not permitted to download information to the computer’s hard drive.  Users may download to a 3.5 disk which must be purchased at the circulation desk. ($1.00).  This disk must be left at the library if the user plans to reuse it.  Once removed from the library it may not be brought back and reused.

  10. Materials ordered from a vendor through the Internet must be paid for by the user via their credit card.  The Epsom Public Library will not be responsible for these items.

  11. No food or drink is allowed near the computer station.

  12. There is no public computer access when the library is closed.

  13. Any damage to the computer or its peripheral devices is the responsibility of the user.  Abuse of the equipment or service will result in the used being denied further access to the service.

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