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Special Events

You can sign up for special events by responding to our Facebook event (note: only 'going' responses will be added to our list, if you choose 'interested' you will not be), calling the library, stopping by to sign up, or emailing Miss Hannah at

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Family Movie

Wednesday, May 17th @ 4:00pm 

Detective Pikachu

Snacks and drinks will be provided

(Advanced sign up is not required for movies)

Film Reels
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Paints & Pots

Wednesday, May 10th @ 4:00pm

Get ready for gardening season with some pot decorating and herb planting! Each participant will receive a terra cotta pot to paint/customize however they would like, as well as an herb seedling to plant in it. Just in time for Mother's Day!


To register for this event please call the library, stop by the circulation desk, or email Miss Hannah at "Going" responses to our Facebook account will also be registered.

Spring Escape Room

Saturday, May 13th @ 10:00 & 11:00


See if you can make it out of Miss Hannah's crazy garden! Things have gotten a bit overgrown lately and the key to the garden gate has been lost somewhere in the mess. Using teamwork, critical thinking, and puzzle solving, participants will race against the clock to escape the garden!


Due to high demand, there will be two time slots available for the escape room. 15 kids can sign up for each spot, so total participation is limited to 30. Sign up today!


Stop by the library, call, or email Miss Hannah at, or respond 'Going' to our Facebook event. Please note there will be 2 separate sign ups for the different time slots; please indicate which time you are interested in when signing up.

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