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Special Events

You can sign up for special events by responding to our Facebook event (note: only 'going' responses will be added to our list, if you choose 'interested' you will not be), calling the library, stopping by to sign up, or emailing Miss Hannah at

Love Your Library Contest

To help celebrate the Friends of the Library, Miss Hannah, and Mrs. Wall from ECS, teamed up for an "I Love My Library" contest. Students are creating projects to finish the prompt "I Love My Library because..." Projects will be on display in the library during February. We invite you to come in and take a look at some of the outstanding projects! A winner will be announced in our next newsletter.


Buildwave Workshop

February 18th @ 10:30am


Want to foster your child's interest in STEM, while igniting their creative spark at the same time?

Buildwave is a creative building program that feels like a video game! Over the course of the workshop students create with over a dozen different building materials, including Lego, PlusPlus®, and custom-made Buildwave materials. The workshop is structured like a video game, with an audiovisual setup featuring animations and music that guide students through the different building waves. As your child creates with wave after wave of new objects, they build creative confidence, become better collaborators, and encounter design and engineering

fundamentals in a unique and memorable context. Learn more by visiting:



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