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Kindle Policies

Instructions For Use

Charge the Battery

Charging via the supplied USB cable should take less than four hours, but may take longer depending on the capability of the hardware. To conserve battery life, always place your Kindle into sleep mode when you are done using your device.

To charge the Kindle battery, connect the supplied USB cable to a computer.

When your Kindle is charging:

  1. A lightning bolt appears on the battery icon at the top of the Home screen.

  2. The indicator light on the bottom edge of the device turns amber while the battery is charging and green when it is fully charged. If you don’t see a light, your Kindle Touch is not charging.

Note: To charge your Kindle from a power outlet, you will need a compatible AC adapter (sold separately) for the USB cable. Charging should take less than four hours using a Kindle AC adapter.


Go to the Home Screen

From the Home screen, you can view items in your Kindle Library in the Cloud (Cloud tab) or view and open items that are on your Kindle (Device tab). You can also access settings to connect to Wi-Fi or receive items that have been delivered to your Kindle.


There are two ways to access the Home screen:

  1. From any screen, press the Home button near the bottom of your Kindle Touch.

  2. Kindle Touch goes into sleep mode if it is idle for approximately 10 minutes. To wake up Kindle Touch and view the Home screen, press the power button at the bottom of the device.



After you download items to your Kindle, you can start reading. You do not need to be connected wirelessly to read on your Kindle.

  1. From the Home screen, tap Device to view the items that are downloaded to your device.

    • Tip: Tap "Cloud" to view titles not downloaded to Kindle Touch. Tap a title to download it to your device.

  2. Browse, sort, or search for items on your device.

  3. Tap an item to open it and begin reading.

    • Note: If you read the sample prior to purchasing the full book, the book opens at the same location you were at in the sample.

  4. To change pages, tap the screen or swipe across the screen:

    • To view the next page, tap the middle or swipe right to left.

    • To view the previous page, tap the left side or swipe left to right.



  1. Kindles may be circulated for three (3) weeks to library patrons 18 years and older who are in good standing with the library (owing no fines and having no overdue materials).

  2. Kindles will not be loaned through ILL to other libraries.

  3. Patrons are responsible for damage, loss or theft of the Kindle while it is checked out        to them.

  4. Patrons are also responsible for the entire replacement cost of the Kindle, including the case, for a total of $169.00.

  5. Use of the Kindle is restricted to the content installed.  Downloading additional content is not permitted.

  6. The Kindle must be returned promptly when due; it may not be renewed.  There is a $1.00 fine for each day the Kindle is overdue.

  7. Upon return, the Kindle must be handed directly to the staff at the circulation desk.  Do not return the Kindle in the book drop.


I agree to the above terms.



_________________________________                              _________________________

Print Name                                                                              Phone Number


________________________________                                _________________________

Signature                                                                                Date




Epsom Public Library Kindle Barcode #____________

Content includes Kindle, case, power cord and instructions.

Staff inspection completed______________                         Date_____________________




Content includes Kindle, case, power cord and instructions.

Staff inspection completed______________                         Date______________________



Please check to be sure the Kindle is charged.  If not, be sure to plug it in. 

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