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NH Downloadable Books

  1. When you get to the site, you can select from the various genre of books displayed. If you want to borrow a book, you need to sign in by selecting “Account.”                                       

  2. You will need to enter or select “Epsom Public Library” as the library name.  Your library card number begins with “4555,” which is the number assigned to the Epsom Library, followed by your card number.  If your card number is 123, then the library card number appears as 4555123.

  3. You will then see all the books available for the genre you selected.  If you select “Available Now,” you will see only books available now.  If you leave “All Titles” selected, you will see every book in the genre.  If a book is out, you will be able to place a hold.

  4. When you hover over a book, if the book is out you see “Place a Hold,” otherwise you see “Borrow.”  If you select “Sample,” you get to read the first few pages of the book.  If you select “More,” you see a summary of the book, as well as recommendations for similar books.  To borrow a book that is available, click the “Borrow” button.

  5. After you select “Borrow” you click “Download” and select either Kindle Book or Adobe EPUB eBook, then click the Confirm & Download link.  The book will download to your Kindle, your iPad, or whichever device you have set up.

  6. On this screen you see a summary of the number of books you have out or holds you have placed.

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